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Today, we gave salt counseling to our client who saw our staff’s Facebook page. She came to our office and had salt counseling and tasting. Since her child and herself have an atopic constitution, we recommend the Himalayan crystal rock salt from Genki Shokai 健康応塩団 源気商会. She was excited to make miso with this salt, and we’re also looking forward to the completion. She also chose salt for pickles which she often makes. We tasted salt which go well with Chinese cabbage and carrots. Our client told us that there was an image that such salt was expensive, and was hesitated to contact us regardless her interest. When getting to know the actual price, we received the impression that it was not so expensive. We would appreciate to subdivide. You are welcome to purchase it as much as you need and when you need it. There is no pressure to buy and tasting is free.

There are some high-class items such as salt for guests. The price is not proportional to the taste, but the more effort it takes, the more it costs, and in some cases it is reflected in the price. The price of salt is decided by each producer, and we think that it is the role of the salt coordinator to find the value, and it is the consumer who buys the value. Basically, salt is used every day, so we would like to select one that is easy to use as well as high cost performance.


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